Swasti Chaudhary

Sana is fantastic . She was so cool and easy to be around . She helped me come up with some great looking unique photos for my wedding . She was very understanding when i was dealing with major anxiety - the day so my wedding . She always had a smile on her face and was very welcoming to my guests' request . 
Every photo clicked by her has a story to tell . I was showered with so many compliments for my wedding portfolio . 
I have a huge respect for her art and talent . I would totally recommend Sana to everyone out there . She is a total "bride's dream"!
Thank you so much Sana for giving me a lifetime of 'good-looking' memories :)

Rasagya Kabra

Sana did a fantastic job covering our wedding and related events. The pictures were lovely, and she was a pleasure to work with. 3 specific things made our experience great :

1) She delivered the photos super promptly - we know many friends who had to wait forever to get their wedding pictures and by the time they got their pictures the world had moved on from their wedding.

2) My husband or I never had to manage Sana. We would just let her know of the broad outline of things and then we could forget that she was around.

3) She collaborated very seamlessly with the more traditional stage photography type team we had at our wedding- there was no perceptible tension.

Thank you Sana. Hopefully you'll cover our siblings' weddings too 

Nandika Kumari

Sana has some super skill! She has taken lovely pictures on a number of occasions for my family and we have always been delighted with the results. Further, she is a very pleasant person and good to work with. She makes herself comfortable in the setting and situation, which is really nice. We have also found her to be very responsive and professional - a great quality when you have a stressful situation like a wedding on your hands. I would highly recommend Sana for both her work and the lovely person that she is.

Nidhi Sharma

We asked Sana to shoot our wedding after reading the reviews below and seeing the pictures on this page. Now I can 200% attest and recommend Sana to everyone out there. She did a terrific job covering our wedding, the photos are of an amazing quality and speak for themselves. More so, Sana is a very warm person to work with. She captured the energy and emotions in our wedding superbly!

My experience was similar as mentioned in reviews earlier in that it was a pleasure working with Sana as
- She was very understanding and accommodating all through the wedding, working on her own while collaborating with other photographers seamlessly
- Delivered the photos very quickly which made the experience all the more better
- She is a lovely person to work with, always smiling and suggesting creative ideas

So happy that Sana covered my wedding, hope that you photograph more events for us and the family in future  Thank you Sana!

Garima Choudhary

When my wedding dates were out I knew who would be my wedding photographer. I have seen Sana creating a random picture into a beautiful memory. She did a fantastic job covering my mehendi and wedding. She makes you comfortable amidst all the chaos of wedding madness. Perks of having a sister photographer was a bliss, when you live in a village to find a efficient photographer is a miracle. Thanks to Sana, my wedding album is filled with mesmerising shots. I’m very happy with the work and effort put by Sana and would highly recommend Sana for her photography skills and capturing all the moments of your big day.